A Tale of Two Cafes…

5th February 2010
Pól Ó Conghaile

I love Cafe di Napoli.

Its’ a real surprise package along the Westland Rowe wasteland, like finding a truffle in a crummy box of chocolates. I sat in for an hour or so today, cramming on the laptop and, if it wasn’t for that darn breeze ventilating the place everytime someone comes in for takeaway, you’d almost think you were in… erm, Napoli.

It’s the Italian sprayed about by the staff. It’s the great pastas and products on the shelves. It’s the quality of the coffee, the railway-side buzz, the fact that they’ve just extended the basement toilet into a pizza place. Good move.

The Unicorn Cafe was another story. I had a meeting there at 2.30pm, tumbleweed time on Merrion Row. A few lost souls sat about, the salads were under clingfilm, the staff seemed more interested in mopping up than taking an order.

Bah. I had three scoops of perfectly reasonably salad. For €9. Bah. I queried the price. “Yes, but you can get four scoops for €9, I told you! If you want six scoops, it’s €11.” Bah. Plus, the water was off – so no tap water and no handwashing. Bah.

The staff were nice, and you can’t blame them for the water supply, but they added very little to the place. Here’s your food, there’s your change, have a good weekend. That’s fine for a conveyor belt lunch. But with a bill of €13.50?

I’m on the next flight to Napoli.