The Average Restaurant Tip in Ireland is €5.97…

25th August 2014
Pól Ó Conghaile

New research published by Amárach in conjunction with AA Hospitality Services reveals a great deal about Irish people’s propensity to tip in restaurants, pubs, hairdressers and taxis.

In the two months leading up to the poll, which sampled 1,000 people throughout the country, the average tip awarded to restaurant waiting staff was €5.97. That was also the highest amount awarded to the service providers listed – followed by €4.14 to bar staff, €3.78 to hairdressers/beauticians, €2.99 to takeaway delivery staff and €2.95 to taxi drivers.

43% of those who left a tip following a meal said the amount depended on the service received.

“Ireland has enjoyed something of a culinary revolution in the last 15 or 20 years,” said one of the AA’s Hotel Inspectors. “We have become a nation of more sophisticated palettes and Irish people have become a lot more experienced and discerning. Food and service standards have become one of the key differentiators for people when deciding which hotel to choose.”

However, accommodation staff are still more likely to receive a tip from American guests.

“It’s fairly common practice for [Irish guests] to leave the last of their euros on the bedside locker before heading for the airport,” the spokesperson said.

When it comes to tipping bar staff, takeaway delivery staff and taxi drivers, the research reveals the “done thing” is to simply allow them to keep the change. A different practice again exists for hairdressers and beauticians. 41% said they tip the same amount every time they visit the salon.

Different age groups also behave differently with their tips.

Under 25s are the biggest tippers at the pub, for instance… tipping €6.67 on average. The figure is almost 2.5 times more than the average tip given by the over 55s.

The over 55s, however, are more generous when it comes to dining out.

Guy Thompson, GM at Castle Knock Hotel and Country Club, AA Hotel of the Year, said:

“From our experience the level of tip depends on several factors; the occasion, size of the group, overall meal experience, food quality and the staff’s interaction with the guest. Making that extra effort is often rewarded. You probably do tend to see older guests tipping more than younger people or those with young families which probably comes down to disposable income.”

NB. Photo above from Platform Pizza Bar in Bray, Co. Wicklow.