KITT Visits Kildare: See the Knight Rider Car at Newbridge Silverware this April…

3rd April 2014
Pól Ó Conghaile

It’s not every day KITT rolls into Kildare.

The famous Pontiac Firebird, one of which David Hasselhoff drove in the 1980s TV show Knight Rider, has arrived at The Newbridge Silverware Visitor Centre in advance of a Hollywood auction. It’s on display 9.30am-5pm (Mon-Sat) and 11am-5pm (Sun) until April 27, and free to visit.

Is it the real KITT? Wired Magazine explains:

This specific KITT was made by a Knight Rider fan Jennifer Catano, who gave the car to Hasselhoff as a gift. Catano started with a 1986 Pontiac Firebird and added scads of LEDs and digital gauges to ape the hero car. She also added Lamborghini-style scissor doors, a W-shaped steering wheel, and the iconic oscillating LEDs on the front grill. And if that wasn’t enough, she embedded over 4,000 sound clips from the show to play on command.

Four cars were used during the show, but these have already been sold. “For now, Catano’s creation is as close as you can get to the car that was in front of the show’s cameras,” as Wired puts it.

KITT is being sold along with a host of Hoff-related items by Julien’s Auctions in Hollywood.

Knight Rider aired from 1982-1986. In the iconic show, Hasselhoff played Michael Knight, and his ride (KITT stands for Knight Industries 2000) came fitted with artificial intelligence and a personality all of his own. He was bulletproof, could cruise at 300 mph, leap 50 feet through the air and was loaded with weaponry including flamethrowers, smoke bombs and infrared sensing devices.

Oh, and he had this rather retro-futuristic looking dashboard…

knight rider

Martin Nolan, Executive Director of Julien’s Auctions, said:

“Irish fans of the show and the Hoff should ensure they capture a picture with this car before it goes up for auction as it may never be available to the public again.”

Other items up for auction include a Baywatch jacket.

Be still, my beating heart!

The real Knight Rider car is a 1986 Pontiac Firebird with 305 5.0 liter V8 engine, but there’s lots of other memorabilia to see in the Museum of Style Icons at Newbridge Silverware too. Dean Martin’s tuxedo, The Beatles’ suits from ‘Hard Day’s Night’ and Michael Jackson’s red vinyl shirt and black fedora, worn at his final public performance in the US, are just some of the threads on display.

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